Bondary First Flattening (0.1)

(Available for R20. Windows Only.)


R20 Individual Licence

An early beta release for Cinema 4D R20.

Currently available for windows only.

Early ACCESS Beta Build 0.1

A new plugin for R20 that brings the open source UV Mapping project Boundary First Flattening to Cinema 4D. Easily unwrap your models with minimal UV distortion.


  • Available from either the "Plugins 4D" menu, if you have a bundle, or the "Plugins" menu if you have an individual licence.

  • Press the BFF command to run the automatic mapping. Or open the settings to run Disk or Map To Sphere.



  • Meshes must have manifold connectivity to work.

  • Meshes that do not have disk or sphere topology will be automatically cut for flattening. In this case pressing the Disk or Map To Sphere button may just result in the same uv mapping as the Automatic button.

  • Note that the point ordering of the mesh may change during mapping.


  • This plugin in the R20 Basic and Pro Bundle users.

  • Individual licences are also available


Unwrapping a car

Unwrapping a car

Unwrapping a bunny

Unwrapping a bunny

Bunny Unwrapped

Bunny Unwrapped

R20 Volume Unwrapped

R20 Volume Unwrapped